The Thunderbird Community Centre with support from the City of Vancouver's Vancouver 125 Program presents

Thunderbird - Then and Now

Two artist/mentors worked with the Thunderbird community to tell/share/collect community stories using digital technology.

Digital Storytelling is a form of video media based on short stories told in the first person -- usually 1-3 minutes in length -- which are augmented with photographs, animation, video and sound.

By utilizing the existing equipment in the Thunderbird Computer Lab:
10 computers, Corel Video Studio Pro X3, DVD movie Factory, Photo treatment software, Microsoft Office, Digital Still Camera, Video Camera  some participants had the opportunity to learn short story writing skills, photo editing, video/ sound recording and video editing. They could also learn how to output, archive and post their stories online.

The artist/mentors  also worked one on one with interested storytellers to create the video stories.

You can watch all the stories we collected on this blog!

The completed stories were shared with the community at the celebration screening on December 12th, 2011, on this blog and on interactive DVD’s that were given to participants and The Thunderbird Community Centre.