Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Meet the Artist/Mentors

Lisa g Nielsen is a multidisciplinary artist who has enjoyed expression through photography, performance and the written word. As graduate from Vancouver Film School Lisa g has been focused for the last 10 years in the digital media realm. Her short videos (live action and animations) have traveled the globe and collected awards along the way. Obsessed by real stories by real people, Lisa g divides her time exploring the history of Riverview Mental Hospital, teaching digital storytelling workshops all over BC and the Yukon and conducting community story gathering projects in her own city. Visit Vancouver Stories, Kerrisdale Collective Memory, Riley Park Stories and Our World.

Brian Lye was born in Vancouver, Canada in 1980. His love for filmmaking grew from making skateboard movies with his friends in high school.  He has worked, studied, and shot in Canada, Japan, Uganda, Australia, and the Czech Republic.  As a filmmaker he uses imagination and humour to reflect on life experiences.  He has written and directed many award-winning short films.